In June of 2012, The Tucson Artist Cooperative was founded as Many Hands Artist Cooperative. Our founder Lynne East-Itkin, who has been an artist for over 40 years, saw the need to rally local artists to showcase their artwork and consolidate their marketing and community outreach efforts. Since then, the Tucson Artist Cooperative has rallied artists specializing in a variety of mediums. Artists from all over the country are welcome to join and promote their artwork through our organization. If you are looking for custom artwork, or something different, you can find it in our gallery or one of our artists can create it for you.

An Artistic Mission

We are a cooperative art gallery dedicated to showcase and sell a broad variety of art created in several mediums. We organize art gallery events, participate in art shows as a group, we broker our members' artwork online, and can sell original pieces, as well as, reproductions. We believe in giving artists the opportunity to expand their reach beyond their capabilities, because in every artist's work is a piece of our culture.

An Artistic Vision

Our vision is to be the number one resource for high quality artwork. To do this, we continuously reach out to current and arising artists who want to expand the reach of their art pieces to the rest of the world.

Our Members

Lynne East-Itkin

Art has always been a part of my life. I have very creative that parents made sure that I was exposed to different forms of art from early on. That gave me an open path to explore my creativity.
I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from California College of Arts and Crafts and am the owner of Lynne M East Graphic Design Studio, Blue Raven Art School and The Tucson Artist Cooperative. I like to create contemporary gourd art and am experimenting with painting fabrics and basket weaving.
Working on my art is important to me. It’s my release, my form of expression, I would not exist without it. When I finish a piece I feel elated, inspired and satisfied. I want to share it!

Anne Lowe

I am Anne Leah Lowe. I have been a paper artist for many years, concentrating on Iris Folding, Tea Bag Folding, and Cloisonne double gold embossed pieces. Much of my work is centered around southwest images and icons, as well as on religious themes, of different faiths. When I teach any of the art that I do, I call it "paper therapy." My goal is to for the student to relieve stress, and achieve a level of deep satisfaction, coming from a true sense of achievement.
I have been working with paper art for over fifteen years, and I was an instructor at Michaels Arts and Crafts Stores in both Wisconin and Arizona for many years. I have taught art at summer camps, at senior centers and at schools.
My motivation comes from the joy I gain when I have finished a piece of art that pleases others!  I am especially happy when i teach others this same enjoyment. When I finish a piece of art, I am in a higher state, just a little bit beneath the clouds!

Dotty Woody

I am an award winning artist who has exhibited art in juried exhibits & galleries across the United States
My areas of expertise are oil painting, pastel, etching, dye painting on silk, bead weaving, earthen clay & precious metal clay. I have recently begun exploring acrylic inks on paper. Most of my work now is Art to Wear. Primarily with my bead weaving and fine silver jewelry. I also am currently doing dye paintings on silk.

Connor Grove

I have been creating abstract art and photography for about 5 years. I'm driven to capture the right image at the right moment from the beauty of the world around me in my own artistic way. It’s truly invigorating. It’s like taking a moment from time that transcends time itself. Even with painting, the colors you use can really portray the mood you were in, and once it is laid down on canvas that mood will last. I believe a simple piece of artwork can you really affect your mood, whether it’s just to brighten your day or something more, and some days you really need that.
When I finish a work of art, I really get a feeling of accomplishment. Whether it’s painting or photography, it’s always something new, something never been done before, because it came from me at the particular moment in time and can never be recreated in the same way. And I just hope when people see it they can appreciate it the same way I did.